Milton Fame 600 Thermosteel 24 Hours Hot and Cold Water Bottle, 600 ml, Pink Blue


The Milton Fame 600 (600ml) Comes With 100% Rust-Free Steel ,Inside copper Coated for Better Heat Retention and The vaccum Insulation Keeps liquid Hot for 24 hours and Cold for 24 hours.

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Milton Fame 600 Thermosteel vaccum insulated 24 Hours Hot and Cold Bottle, 600 ml, Pink Blue

About Product Uses

  • Use Bottle For Tea ,Coffee ,Juice Etc..
  • Pre-Condition Bottle With Hot Water ,If Using For Hot Beverages and with Cold Water If using For Cold Beverages .
  • Fill the Bottles Up to Full Capacity to get Beat Results .
  • Do Not Use For Carbonated Drinks

Cleaning Instruction

  • Wash Inside Out with A Mild Detergent .
  • Use aBrush For Cleaning the Inside .Do not use strong DeterGents, Bleach or cleansers Containing Chlorine.
  • When Not in Use Keep the Bottles Lid Open to Avoid Odour.


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