Cello LifeStyle VaccumSteel Flasks 500ml with Easy Push Open Lid 500ml, silver


The Cello LifeStyle VacuSteel Flasks(Easy Push Open Lid) Comes with (Cap – Advantages Can be used as Cup ) Leak Resistant Wide Mouth Flask ,Unique Removable Stopper For Through cleaning , 100% Insulated Stainless steel body and Inside Coper coated for Superior heat Retention.

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Cello LifeStyle VaccumSteel Flasks 500ml with Easy PushOpen Lid 500ml, silver

About Product Uses

  • PerFect for hot and cold Beverages (tea ,Coffee ,Juice) .
  • Pre-condition Your flask with Hot water if using for hot Beverages And With Cold Water if using For cold Beverages.
  • Fill the Flask Completely to Maintain Temperature.
  • Do not use Flask For Carbonated Drinks.

Cleaning Instruction

  • Wash the Flask Inside out with a Mild Detergent .use a brush for cleaning the Inside .Do not use Strong DeterGent,Bleach or cleansers containing chlorine to clean the flask.
  • Open the Lid and Wash it Under Running water to clean it Thoroughly.
  • When Not in use , Keep the Lid Open to avoid Odour.


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